15.5.2019: The second sex – Digital Health for women and others

Have you ever used a health tracking app and wondered why it was not better designed for women?

That’s because although there are plenty of health and wellness related apps and products today, most of them are designed and built by men. Many of them therefore unintentionally exclude the needs of women users (and others) in the process.

So how can we create health apps that are well-designed, highly usable, and accessible to women?

After years of observing, evaluating, and designing digital products for various industries including healthcare, UX expert Sibylle will share her insights on user-centered design in the digital health sector, and discuss diverse examples of good and poor design.

She will also touch on the issue of ethics in design, discussing how not only UX designers but everybody in the design team can become more conscious in their processes, ensuring that digital health apps created are inclusive and meet the needs of diverse users.


18:15 Door opening and registration

18:30 Short intro by „Women in Digital Health“

18:40 Talk by Dr. Sibylle Peuker, partner and UX architect at Zeix the agency for User-Centered Design and User Experience in Zurich

approx. 20:15: Networking apéro


Zeix AG
Badenerstrasse 65
8036 Zürich

ABOUT Dr. Sibylle Peuker

Sibylle is passionate about bringing a better user experience to healthcare – because she is convinced that careful design can make people healthier, happier, and even save lives. Sibylle is partner and UX architect at Zeix, the agency for User-Centered Design and User Experience in Zurich. She is a mathematician and computer scientist by training. She creates user-friendly websites, web apps and chatbots for various industries and with diverse teams. Since more that 15 years she sees herself as the advocate of the user in all of her projects. Sibylle always tries to infect others with her enthusiasm for user-centered design, e.g. as a lecturer at Berner Fachhochschule and Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil.

Join us at the event and be inspired!

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