05.05.2020: Digital Solutions from Hack #codeVsCOVID19

Apps and solutions that can track COVID-19  – they’re a topic everywhere and it’s hard to understand what’s behind. What opportunity does it represent for public health? What does it mean for our personal data? And is it possible to track the disease by collecting only open data? And could a simple cough be enough to detect a COVID-19 infection?

Our first digital session on 5 May, together with the Zurich chapter of “MyData.org” tries to provide an answer to these questions.

Join us and take the opportunity to discuss this with us and our speakers! Please find all info here and don’t forget to register, as we can only send the link registered guests.


Simon Hofer, Founder of DetectNow, a team that develops an AI to detect COVID-19 from cough audio. The vision is that anyone can get tested anytime and anywhere simply by coughing into their smartphone.

Regina Miller, Medical Expert, and Samuel Welten, Lead Developer presenting Virustracker; an app that tracks infections without tracking people. The idea is to get informed anonymously when you were close to an infected person to slow the viral spread. This is achieved with a completely open system and without a central data collection.

André Golliez, President Swiss Data Alliance and MyData Zurich Lead, will present the Swiss governance model for a digital proximity tracing, a paper established by the a working group of the network for «Digital Self-Determination»

Giovanna Jaramillo-Gutierrez, Co-Founder of Milan and Associates SPRL, and Data scientist at World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 Senior Epidemiologist Consultant, will give a brief proposal on public health surveillance and its data-related challenges and opportunities. This could be the contribution of the tech world to already existing public health systems in place, e.g. contact tracing by keeping ethical human-centric approaches.


18:30 Start and welcome

18:35 DetectNow

18:50 Virustracker

19:05 Breakout sessions

19:20 Swiss governance model for a digital proximity tracing

19:35 COVID19 pandemic surveillance, response and the digital world: challenges and opportunities

19:50 Interactive Q & A

20:00 Wrap up and outlook to Women in Digital Health program 2020

Join on 5 May and register on our Meetup page to receive the webinar link before the event