24.2.2021: AI and Ethics and how to integrate it into day-to-day business

For our first digital session in 2021, we have invited expert Ursula Mayer, CEO of Sciform GmbH to share her insights on the crucial issues surrounding ethics in AI and how to integrate it in a business context.

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The talk will provide a short introduction to AI and explain, why it is important to consider ethical values during the entire life-cycle of AI technology. You will learn, which ethical values are the most relevant and get an overview, how AI ethics can be operationalized in a business context.

Sciform GmbH supports customers from industry and academia with a highly specialized expertise and an in-depth experience in Applied Mathematics & Distributed Computing.


18:30 – Welcome and Intro by Women in Digital Health

18:35 – Presentation by Ursula Mayer
          – Discussion & Interactive Q&A

19:25 – Wrap-up

19:30 – Informal Networking

:: End of Event ::

*Do note that the event will start punctually at 18:30, so please enter the zoom ‘waiting room’ by 18.25. Thank you!


As a computational scientist and CEO of Sciform GmbH, Ursula Maria Mayer combines deep technical knowledge, ethical expertise and business know-how to help companies build meaningful and successful AI solutions.She enjoys giving workshops for various audiences and is also a regular speaker at conferences.Her work on technology and ethics has been recognized by several awards.

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