24.3.2021: Embodied Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Virtual reality represents a technology trend that is transforming the healthcare industry in meaningful ways. From behavior modification to pain management, innovative VR approaches are utilizing the sense of presence and embodiment to alter our minds and effectively improve health outcomes. The unique ability to precisely modify virtual bodies in ways that would not be possible in physical reality is opening new realms of healthcare opportunities to change and improve our minds and bodies.

For our digital session in March 2021, we have invited University of Zurich MedTech Entrepreneur Fellow Jasmine Ho to share her insights on the development and application of embodied virtual reality in healthcare.

WIDH Events Header_Jasmine Ho


18:30 – Welcome and Intro by Women in Digital Health

18:35 – Presentation by Jasmine Ho
          – Discussion & Interactive Q&A

19:25 – Wrap-up

19:30 – Informal Networking

19:45 – End of Event

*Do note that the event will start punctually at 18:30, so please enter the zoom ‘waiting room’ by 18.25. Thank you!


Jasmine Ho completed her Bachelor of Psychology and Cognitive Science at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she worked as a student researcher in the Social-Affective Neuroscience Lab. Her Master’s thesis, completed at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), examined the influence of body lateralization differences on distinct measures of executive functioning, which sparked a particular interest in the intricate connection between bodily self-consciousness and cognition. Continuing her PhD studies at the University of Zurich (UZH), Switzerland, Jasmine’s research focused on alterations of corporeal awareness and the potential therapeutic applications of bodily illusions in virtual and augmented realities, particularly for pain and conditions of aberrant body perceptions.

As a recipient of the UZH MedTech Entrepreneur Fellowship following the completion of her PhD, Jasmine recently started her post doc position at UZH to focus on the translation of virtual bodily illusions as a pain management tool into clinical practice.

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