25.06.2020: WiDH Members-only Digital Event with EY Life Sciences, France – health platforms, French market trends, and the digital solutions

We are excited to invite our WiDH Community Members to our first Members-Only digital event with EY Life Sciences, France this 25 June 2020!

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You can expect an interesting and interactive evening with the EY Life Sciences France Team as we discuss health platforms, French market trends, and the solutions that EY is working on in the area of Health and Life Sciences.

You will also have an exclusive opportunity to virtually visit the EY Wavespace, the company’s LifeSciences Pathway.


18:00      Start of the Event

    • Presentation of Women in Digital Health and EY
    • EY in Health and Life Sciences: Our point of view on health platforms
    • Presentation on the Health System in France
    • Virtual tour of the EY Wavespace, the company’s Life Sciences pathway
    • EY Digital Solution for its Life Sciences clients
    • Q&A

19:00      End of the Event

This exclusive event is free.

Please register to receive the link to the webinar by sending us an email at womendigitalhealth@protonmail.com

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10.06.2020: Healthcare Research

Our second digital session will take place on 10 June 2020, right after our first general assembly.

Be inspired and join us, with two speakers in healthcare research from the University of Zurich!


Lorena Kegel, psychologist and neuroscientist at UZH, will give a brief introduction to her PhD research and the most interesting results about the processing of avatar faces in the brain. She will highlight potential implications for the use of avatars in clinical and research settings.

Burcu Demiray, geronto-psychologist and research group leader at UZH presents her idea “OldSchool”, a distance learning platform for people over 65 years of age that offers academic courses, hobby and health courses, opportunities to make contacts and access to civic science projects; a project from a recent COVID-19 hackathon.


18:30 Start and welcome
18:35 Lorena Kegel: “On the neural traces of avatars in our brain”
18:50 Burcu Demiray: “OldSchool – a platform for lifelong learning”
19:05 Interactive Q & A
19:20 Wrap up and outlook to Women in Digital Health program 2020

Register now to receive the Zoom link before the event! Please note that we can only send out the Zoom link to people who have registered for the event.

05.05.2020: Digital Solutions from Hack #codeVsCOVID19

Apps and solutions that can track COVID-19  – they’re a topic everywhere and it’s hard to understand what’s behind. What opportunity does it represent for public health? What does it mean for our personal data? And is it possible to track the disease by collecting only open data? And could a simple cough be enough to detect a COVID-19 infection?

Our first digital session on 5 May, together with the Zurich chapter of “MyData.org” tries to provide an answer to these questions.

Join us and take the opportunity to discuss this with us and our speakers! Please find all info here and don’t forget to register, as we can only send the link registered guests.


Simon Hofer, Founder of DetectNow, a team that develops an AI to detect COVID-19 from cough audio. The vision is that anyone can get tested anytime and anywhere simply by coughing into their smartphone.

Regina Miller, Medical Expert, and Samuel Welten, Lead Developer presenting Virustracker; an app that tracks infections without tracking people. The idea is to get informed anonymously when you were close to an infected person to slow the viral spread. This is achieved with a completely open system and without a central data collection.

André Golliez, President Swiss Data Alliance and MyData Zurich Lead, will present the Swiss governance model for a digital proximity tracing, a paper established by the a working group of the network for «Digital Self-Determination»

Giovanna Jaramillo-Gutierrez, Co-Founder of Milan and Associates SPRL, and Data scientist at World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 Senior Epidemiologist Consultant, will give a brief proposal on public health surveillance and its data-related challenges and opportunities. This could be the contribution of the tech world to already existing public health systems in place, e.g. contact tracing by keeping ethical human-centric approaches.


18:30 Start and welcome

18:35 DetectNow

18:50 Virustracker

19:05 Breakout sessions

19:20 Swiss governance model for a digital proximity tracing

19:35 COVID19 pandemic surveillance, response and the digital world: challenges and opportunities

19:50 Interactive Q & A

20:00 Wrap up and outlook to Women in Digital Health program 2020

Join on 5 May and register on our Meetup page to receive the webinar link before the event

04.03.2020: Digital Health Start-up Evening & WIDH Association Founding


Women in digital health (WiDH) presents “Digital Health Start-up Evening” at ETH Rocket Hub.

– 3 Start-ups on stage

Dr. Sophia Borowka, CEO and Co-Founder of Caressoma
. Caressoma is building an artificial intelligence (AI)-based autonomous ultrasound device that provides doctors with reproducible ultrasound volumes to track the evolution of an injury or disease and help prevent them. By measuring in a reproducible way they improve inter- and intra-rater reliability and pave the way for a clean machine-learning based image analysis. https://www.caressoma.com/

Anna Postel, Business Developer at OneDoc. OneDoc is the leading swiss platform for medical appointments. We are striving to make medical appointments as easy as possible for all actors involved by creating easy access for patients, simplifying the appointment management for the assistant and helping the doctors to communicate. https://www.onedoc.ch/en/

Lukas Frischknecht, Computer Vision Engineer at SNAQ GmbH. SNAQ manages the impact of food on health. With our nutrition analysis solution, we provide the most convenient and accurate way to capture nutritional intake and explain how it affects different parameters such as glucose or blood pressure, weight and activity. This solves the most error-prone factor during insulin therapy for over 50 million diabetics who depend on mealtime insulin injections. We provide the first end to end solution for accurately calculating the carbohydrate content of meals based on images https://www.snaq.io/

– Workshops using swarm intelligence

18:00 Door opening and registration
18:30 Programme start
20:15 Networking apéro

RocketHub – ETH Entrepreneur Club Coworking Space
Stampfenbachstrasse 52/56
8092 Zürich

Please note: This event is free-of-charge (however we appreciate a voluntary contribution. But, please register for the event via Eventfrog (http://www.eventfrog.ch/digitalhealthstartupevening) so that we are able to plan for the Apéro.

** This event is open to ALL genders. Join us and be inspired! **

Pre-event at 5:30 PM: WiDH Association Founding

We would like to take WiDH to the next level and will found an association. Join us on March 4 and become a founding member.

Yearly membership fee of 100 CHF will entitle you to reduced registration fees, access to events for members only and you have a vote at the yearly General Assembly and with that steering Women in Digital Health and be part of the long-term strategy of this association.

However please note that, after much discussion, we have decided that only women will be able to sign up as (Founding) Members of the association. Thank you for your understanding!

03.10.2020: SAVE THE DATE: #WeTechTogether Conference 2020


Women in digital health (WIDH) is proud to be a part of the #WeTechTogether Conference 2020 at Technopark.

This conference offers a diverse range of workshops, mentoring, talks and coverage for and about diversity in the tech industry.

The conference aims to create an empowering environment for everyone to discover and navigate the fields of STEM. It offers a diverse range of workshops, mentoring, talks and coverage for and about diversity in the tech industry.
You will receive the opportunity to experience first hand Virtual Reality, Robotics, AI & Blockchain technologies with leading tech companies like Amazon Web Services.
Join us to meet and interact with members of these fields, as well get the chance to network with others with similar interests and interesting backgrounds.

Find the full program here (https://www.techface.ch/wetechtogether-program/)

Stay updated for more information to follow.

** All genders are welcome for the event! **

Technoparkstrasse 1
8005 Zürich

More information will be available soon.

** This event is open to ALL genders. Join us and be inspired! **